OlderPeopleVitality is essential for us to live our lives to the fullest.  Unfortunately, our bodies are a constant reminder that life does not stand still and aging is a harsh reality.  Yet, we want to keep our boogie on.  That will take vigilance and an up to date awareness of the best exercise, nutrition, medical care, and pharmacology available for the older population.  The current trend is for doctors to fill out prescription after prescription for their older patients and we find ourselves taking so many pills, that it is difficult to remember when or what we should be taking.   It’s like instant Alzheimer’s!   This worries the NDY Generation™.  Do the physicians know the long term effects of all these medications?  That would be impossible.  The NDY Generation™  will provide accurate information and we will research what is best for our age group, not accepting generic answers that fit the entire population.  We too have special needs!

Our articles will encompass what is important for the NDY Generation™ to keep on keeping on!  Each month we will cover different topics that will provide the insight necessary for the NDY Generation™ to go that extra mile.  This month the NDY Generation™ will examine proper dental care for  the NDY Generation™ and Kayaking, a sport and exercise the NDY Generation™ thoroughly endorses.



The NDY Generation™ has noticed that with aging, certain seemingly inexplicable changes have occurred to our teeth.  The adage, that everything that NDY™ wants to grow decreases, and everything NDY™ wants to shrink enlarges as NDY™ gets older, has been validated again as our  teeth seem to be getting exponentially longer.  Here’s hoping that NDY™ is not mistaken for a saber tooth tiger by some trophy seeking hunter.  That probably won’t happen since NDY’s™ breath has become so rancid that the hunter would recoil at the scent.  In addition, more food gets caught between NDY’s™ teeth then goes down the gullet.  These issues arose from that boiling cauldron called increasing age and since NDY™ refuses to simply cope, we went in search for the reasons why and how to fix and repair.

Surprisingly, cavities get worse as we age.  The NDY Generation™ was brought up to believe that if candy, soda and other sugar products are avoided, you won’t get cavities.  However, there are several reasons why older adults acquire more tooth decay even though they consume less sugar:

1.  Flouride was not available in the water supply or in tooth paste when we were kids.  The use of Flouride has helped exponentially, and children today have less decay then we did.   It is imperative that members of the NDY Generation™, utilize products that explicitly display Fluoride as an ingredient.  
2.  You know those before mentioned medications your doctor keeps prescribing for us.  Many of these meds diminish saliva production, creating dry mouth that can cause bad breath and also takes away the cleansing affect saliva has on decay.
3.  As many of you may have noticed, as did NDY™, the gum line recedes as we age, not only exposing more of the tooth, but also providing the invasion of decay a great deal more territory to attack.  The incidence of periodontal disease rises exponentially.  Your gums have to be examined professionally quite often and older folks should not ignore excessive bleeding or recurrent pain.  
Go see your dentist often and do not put it off.  Find a dental professional that is comfortable, accommodating and provides a safe and welcoming environment.  Usually, going to the dentist is never fun, but try to find one that at least doesn’t make you feel miserable. Oral health should not become a necessary evil.  Choose a dentist in the same manner you would purchase a house.  Look at as many as you can until you find the right one.   Remember that something amiss with your teeth or gums can often be a the first sign of a health emergency.   A regular trip to the dentist is optimum preventive medicine.
Naturally, issues other then aging are promoted for causing dental problems such as excessive drinking, smoking, and too much caffeine consumption.  Yet, most of the aging population have tempered their vices and are still have oral hygiene difficulties and dental malfunctions.  So, what can we do to fix and repair?

We all know to brush and floss regularly, but as we age, NDYers™ must be even more vigilant.  The NDY Generation™ endorses getting an electric tooth brush which makes brushing easier, more fun, and helps with those arthritic aches and pains.  The Soniccare DiamondClean toothbrush from Philips gets the NDY™ endorsement.Sonicare-Diamond_Clean  It may be more expensive, but the results are worth the extra expense.  Flossing is one necessary evil that most people try to avoid more then paying taxes.  Yet, it is probably the most important procedure for maintaining good oral hygiene.  NDY™ finds good ole waxed floss to work fine, but if you need a crutch, there are simple floss holders and more elaborate electric flossers on the market produced by Sonicare, Waterpik, and Oral B that get mixed reviews.  However, some folks love their electric flossers.  If you do not want to spend the money for these twenty-first century tools, yet still find brushing and flossing hard on your joints, you can purchase an inexpensive rubber grip to slide over a toothbrush that can help with hand fatigue or simply attach the toothbrush or floss holder to your hand with a rubber band.   Both may work just fine.  You won’t look too cool, but whomever you’re with may think your ingenuity is sexy.  If you have less saliva and dry mouth gingivitis, what we call bad breath, can get out of control.  NDY™ suggests asking your dentist for a prescription for Peridex, a rinsing solution that can often help.  

Another important way you can advocate for your dental health is by making your dentist fully aware of all your current medications and what making sure the dentist knows all of your health problems.  Don’t be shy!  The NDY Generation™ strongly encourages a proactive approach with almost everything.  Do not become invisible because of your age!  Let everyone know what you need and what you want.  We are the NDY Generation™!  Let the world know you expect to be heard and respected!

Because we are the NDY Generation™, more work and corrective procedures have been progressively applied to our teeth through the years.  Some of these “restorations,” if you will, have substances and materials that simply do not last and can actually become obstacles to good dental health.  Again, let your dentist know what has been in your mouth.  Well, keep that explanation limited to what has been done professionally inside your mouth.  Dentures and other dental prostheses have progressed exponentially in the past few years.  Find out what is new on the market and how these advancements can not only make you look hotter, but can provide comfort and better health.  Our teeth also shift with age, like the foundation of an old house, and they may need to be jacked up.  Orthodontia has come a long way since the 1950s and is less painful, intrusive, and more expedient.  If you look at the teeth of younger generations, they are gorgeous!  There is no reason, if finances allow, that you cannot have orthodontic procedures as you get older.  Also, don’t be shy about asking your dental professional about how any of these procedures may be structured in order to put some of the financial strain on the insurance company or government.  NDY™ believes they can afford it more then us, and one way of honoring the elder population is by allowing society to provide for us financially.  It’s no sin if the care of parents and grandparents make taxes go up.  The older generation shouldn’t be a “tax burden.”  We should be an “honor tax!”


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