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Our foundation is based on a “modernized,” hipper version of AARP that caters to the Baby Boomer generation that refuses to succumb to “Alaskan cruises,” “blue hair,” and “Yanni. The NDY Generation™ is often ignored and shoved aside, almost looked at as a burden and a sad reality.  Stop denigrated us!  We still want to boogie, be cool, have wild romantic trysts, and compete in this dot COM world.

The format for this “blog” will deal with several aspects of the current scene, focusing on the specific lifestyle needs of The NDY Generation.™


am iAs of April 2013, I am a 63 year old former real estate developer, educator, coach, and theater director.  This eclecticism has certainly helped me to be “still crazy after all these years.”  The idea for the NDY Generation™ came from my disgust with A.A.R.P. and their need to be positive about every thing, (sorry-there is nothing positive about having to urinate every 30 minutes!) and A.A.R.P.’s old person attitude and outlook.  Even their publications have a “old look” about them.  I may be 63, but I am still ready to boogie!  I love music, art, travel, sports and all of what life has to offer and I do not want to curtail my zest for living simply because of my age.  However, this spirit is constantly being curtailed by what I see around me.  If I go out at night to listen to music or for a few cocktails, I do not want to be attacked by techno music and young folks who feel I should be back in bed nursing an enema bag.  Sure, my eyesight isn’t what it once was, but make the signs bigger and the lights brighter, rather then telling me not to drive.  Be real, our bodies are falling apart, but don’t tell me to just “be happy.”  I not only want to cope, I want to repair, fix, and maintain to the very best of my ability, regardless of my socio-economic standing.  We are living longer and healthier lives.  Society better adjust to that because the NDY Generation™ is going to keep on truckin!


travelThe NDY Generation™ will discover cool, not stuffy, hotels, clubs, shops, restaurants, bars, in fascinating cities around the world, where an older dude or dudette can feel comfortable and stimulated and not subjugated to ignominy, shoved into the role of a voyeur, looking in from the outside. The NDY Generation™ do not want to visit Branson, Missouri or take bus tours to gambling casinos or outlet malls.  We want Saint Tropez and Shanghai, not Sue Saint Marie!


computers The NDY Generation™ will not only recommend new high tech products and software that are easily utilized and understood by the NDY Generation™, but we will advocate for and encourage the techno industry to create products that cater to the needs of the NDY Generation™.  We love the new technology coming out at such a rapid pace, even though there may be some fear and apprehension towards learning how to use the components.  The NDY Generation™ didn’t grow up using this technology and we often don’t speak the language, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to use technology to make life easier, more fun, and have communication capabilities beyond our wildest dreams.  We just want Silicon Valley et al to design with some of our educational and physical needs in mind.  The NDY Generation™ is a segment of the population that can be a quite economically viable and can help Dot Com profit margins grow exponentially. 



Movies, TV, books, comedy, music etc. all seem to cater to a younger, often “wanna be” demographic.  The NDY generation™ wants provocative entertainment that also tweaks our brain and sensibilities.  The adolescent nonsense that comes out of L.A. and Hollywood is almost a slap in the face to anyone over the age of 50!  We remember music that helped jump-start a social revolution.  Films often had a message or poked fun at convention and complacency.  Literature reflected the tumultuous times we were living in.  Comedy was edgy, pushing the envelope of societal norms, using curse and swear words as structure and content rather then forcing discomfort and reaction, while squeezing laughter out of an audience.  The NDY Generation™ will recommend entertainment that fits our ideal of compelling, absorbing and intelligent diversion.



The NDY Generation™ will find exercises that cater to the physical issues of the older population.  We simply cannot do a “generic” workout that caters to people who are younger with better flexibility and strength.  We need advice that caters to our specific physical needs and also is cognizant of our desire to live an active lifestyle.  The NDY Generation™ still yearns for competition and athletic prowess.  Sadly, many sport activities become physically impossible due to poor knees, arthritis, and the numerous aches and pains that arrive unannounced and without fanfare.  Yet, the NDY Generation™ is not about to succumb to participating in shuffleboard and croquet.  We want to learn new coping mechanisms and adopt new ideas in order to still compete and be active.  This will involve researching nutrition and vitamin supplements that may provide answers for the NDY Generation™ and allow them to lead a robust and stimulating life. 


fashionThe NDY Generation™ will examine current fashion trends, recommending styles that are suitable and look good on the NDY Generation™.   Not only are few of us under the age of thirty, but also most women do not wear a size 4 or 6 and most men do not have a 30-inch waist.  VOGUE, GQ, DETAILS, MARIE CLAIRE, ESQUIRE etc. almost universally ignore both older women and men in their photo spreads, suggestions, and design recommendations.



ADVOCATEThe NDY Generation™ wants to advocate aggressively for our subscribers and not focus solely on health insurance and retirement.  The NDY Generation™ may not be ready for the retired life and may want to use our classical education to augment the technological revolution.  Our abstract thinking skills and problem solving abilities will provide skills not evident in younger generations.  Industry has to be informed that they are not tapping into this treasured resource. The NDY Generation™ are not  “button pushers” who cannot think on their feet.  We didn’t have technology to depend on………..




Copyright © 2013. The Not Dead Yet Generation™. All rights reserved.

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